Bahrain Water Bottling & Beverages Company W.L.L.

Marwa Bottled Drinking Water, BWBB


The Ultimate Refresher!! Bahrain has long been fabled for the quality and quantity of its natural water. From the source to your shelves’, Marwa carries invigorating freshness with pristine & fabulous taste.

Take a sip and surrender to the freshness of the world, which in-return makes Marwa Bottled Drinking Water one of the most favorite bottled drinking water brand for the people in the Kingdom Of Bahrain

Marwa Potato Chips, BWBB, Bahrain


Fun On! Munch On! Grab a pack and pull it open. You will instantly feel the freshness of the finest potatoes. The flavors are rich, authentic and varied. With Marwa potato chips, any time is a snack time!

Marwa Fruit Juice & Drinks, Bahrain Water Bottling & Beverages Company S.P.C.


Great taste! one of Bahrain’s favorite fruit juice brands known for its great taste and value. Our Juices are available in a number of flavors such as Mango, Guava, Orange & Mixed Fruit

A Short Brief

Marwa is one of the leading brand of bottled drinking water, fruit juices & potato chips launched in 2015 by Bahrain Water Bottling & Beverages Company W.L.L. BWBB was established in the year 1995 in Kingdom of Bahrain by Trafco Group B.S.C.

The name Marwa was derived from arabic and is the name of a sacred mountain /hill which is situated in Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Bahrain water Bottling & Beverages Company W.L.L. launched the potato chips in the year 2018 & by 2019 launched the fruit juices. 

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